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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Google Practical Project ........

In this semester we did more projects in MIS , one of this project is Web 2.0 Tools in this project, Mr.Tridib gave us name on of Google Tools and we should search and know more about the tool very carefully. For me I should did training about Google Sites .

First of all it was big challenge for me because I never know and heard any thing about it, also it is challenge for me because I never did any training in my hall life.

Than I start research about Google sites, at first I took some general information about Google sites, and the most interesting information that I got it was we can Create a websites and share information with a few people, a whole organization, or the entire world. I did my best to give a student excellent and interesting information about it.

I sow many video in youtube to learn more stuff about how to create a Google sites, the videos was very clear and easy, and I have to go with a video step by step, than I know the basic to create a Google sites .

Finally it was nice and I got new knowledge form this training project, and create my first sites with a basic.  

We had to do a Google site for the MIS course, so I create a new Google sites with a more information and new stuff.

I hope you enjoy .....

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