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Saturday, April 21, 2012

When I went in weekend.......

Dubai Mall

I went to Dubai mall in a weekend and it was very nice, every weekend I went their to see Fountain dancer in Dubai Mall.

Fountain Dancer 

I  like the movement of the Fountain, also I like the way that the Fountain Dance with a music and the color of it is fantastic.

I will shows you the video about Fountain Dancer.

Than I will shows you my second please that I love it in Dubai mall the Aquarium.

I like it very much because I like to know and learn more about world of marine organisms ( The world of fish).
In the aquarium I sow different types of fish that I sow it first time in my life.

The last think I interesting in on Dubai Mall is Ski Dubai.

The interesting things and wondering that they bring penguin in Ski Dubai. This idea will attract  more people to visit the ski Dubai.

They let people play with the penguin.

I hope you will enjoy it .

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